“ Studies indicate that the frequency of handwashing or antiseptic handwashing by personnel is affected by the accessibility of hand-hygiene facilities. ”

 CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Sett


“ Our hospital's statistics show what studies everywhere else have shown -- that we doctors and nurses wash our hands one-third to one-half as often as we are supposed to. ”

 Atul Gawande


“ Health care workers’ failure to clean their hands is the most important cause of hospital-based infections, which are the fourth-leading cause of death in America and cost our health care system some $40 billion a year. ”

 Tina Rosenberg, New York Times





Altitude Medical File Two New Patents 

May 2016

Altitude Medical continues to reinforce its IP position and has filed two new patents describing products in development.

PullClean Awarded Innovative Technology Designation from Vizient

April 2016

Altitude Medical's PullClean handle been awarded the Innovative Technology designation from Vizient (formerly Novation), a leading healthcare services company that serves more than 100,000 members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC, Children's Hospital Association, Provista and many others. The award is based on feedback provided by hospital experts who attended Vizient’s Innovative Technology Expo in November

Altitude Medical Release CountClean

April 2016

Altitude Medical is proud to announce the release of CountClean, the sanitizing monitoring software that integrates with the PullClean handle. The CountClean solution is simple, cost effective, and most importantly does not involve human oversight nor interaction. CountClean enabled handles can be purchased from www.pullclean.com and data is visualised and managed at www.countclean.com

Altitude Medical and the PullClean Handle Nominated for Edison Awards

February 2015

Altitude Medical has received a further nomination for an Edison Award. The Edison Awards are a very well recognised prizegiving that seeks to recognise the human drive for creativity and ingenuity so well demonstrated by Thomas Edison. 

Altitude Medical and the PullClean Handle Nominated for Index Prize

January 2015

Altitude Medical has been nominated for the Index Awards. The Index Awards aim to provide 'sustainable solutions for global challenges'. At Altitude Medical we're committed to making a positive difference and fighting Healthcare Associated Infections. As such, we're very proud to have been recognised for the contribution we can make in this important area. 

Alex Oshmyansky Nominated for an Ivy Innovator Award

November 2014

Alex Oshmyansky, our CFO and the co-inventor of the PullClean doorhandle, has been nominated for an Ivy Award. As the originator of the idea, the Ivy awards panel recognised his innovative leap and his drive to help save patients' lives.  

Altitude Medical and the PullClean Handle Nominated for Fast Company Awards

October 2014

Altitude Medical has received a nomination in the 'Health' category for the prestigious Fast Company, 'Innovation by Design' Awards. We are delighted to be considered amongst such amazing and talented designers.  



Clinical Trial Paper Published in American Journal of Infection Control

April 2014

In a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Altitude Medical's door handle product was found to substantially increase the rate of hand sanitation compliance when installed. Similarly to previous studies in the field, this paper reported a less than optimal hand "baseline" compliance level (24.5%), but this was increased more than three-fold, to 77%, when the sanitizer dispensing handles were present, a result that is highly statistically significant. Because the link between hand sanitation compliance and infection rates is well known, the results of the study are very encouraging. Longer trials involving higher numbers of devices and observations, as well as direct interrogation of infection rate changes are planned; these will provide more robust evidence regarding the efficacy of Altitude's products in preventing infections and reducing costs to medical centres. 



Altitude Medical Goes Viral


March 2014

After Wired magazine picked up on the PullClean handle, a number of publications quickly followed suit. The device and the company was featured by DeZeen, Gizmodo, TheVerge, Core77 and many others. Please see our new 'Press' section for links and press information. 


Altitude Medical Makes an Impression at ISSA

November 2013

Altitude Medical exhibited the PullClean handle at ISSA and caused a sensation. One salesman said that the booth witnessed a "who's who" of the industry and comments included 'you solved the door handle problem' and 'I need this yesterday'. Jake McKnight, Altitude Medical CEO, did not leave the hall on the first two days - from opening to close, someone wanted to try the PullClean product and ask when they could start distributing. Jake McKnight said 'This was an exhausting but thoroughly great few days. We met so many interested and capable distributors and we can't wait to get started with bringing PullClean to market'. 


International Patents Filed for PullClean and CountClean 

September 2013

Altitude Medical submitted international patent filings for both our CountClean and PullClean products. The patent applications were thoroughly researched and edited by Guy Tritton, an experienced IP barrister and Moset Taboda IP law specialists. PullClean handles can be reserved now on www.pullclean.com


PullClean and CountClean Released

September 2013

Following an exhaustive design and trial phase, Altitude Medical is proud to finally release our PullClean and CountClean products. PullClean will be available for purchase by year's end, and CountClean will follow in 2014. PullClean handles can be reserved now on www.pullclean.com. This device represents the cutting edge of hand-hygiene innovation. The handle monitors rates of hand sanitization in addition to providing sanitizer exactly when it is required. 


TurnClean Receives US Patent

July 2013 

Altitude Medical learned that its TurnClean design has received a full US patent. Although expected, this welcome news reflects our dilligent approach to intellectual property. 


TurnClean Trialled at Leading US Hospital

July 2012 

An independent trial of our TurnClean device was completed at a leading US hospital. Fitting of our handle resulted in a massive increase in rates of hand sanitization. The trial team monitored rates of hand sanitization before and after the installation of our handles. The rates of hand sanitization jumped from 24% to 77%. Such an increase would have a massive impact on hospital acquired infection. The trial results will be written up into an academic paper and will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. 


TurnClean Featured on BBC World Challenge

April 2012

Altitude Medical's CEO, Jake McKnight, took part in BBC World News 'World Challenge' programme at the end of March.  The programme looks at the entrepreneurs involved with the Skoll World Forum, the leading conference on social entrepreneurship in the world.  You can see TurnClean in action half way through the programme, as Jake demonstrates how a door handle that sanitizes your hand can help to reduce the number of lives lost in hospitals every year through hospital acquired infections.

Leo Johnson, the presenter, described Altitude Medical and the invention of TurnClean as 'reviving the moribund corpse of capitalism'


Altitude Medical Files Three New Patents

January 2011

Altitude Medical continues to reinforce its IP position by filing three new patents describing products in development, all of which will hand increase hand sanitization when using doors.


Mr Bob Wigley Joins the Board of Altitude Medical, Inc.

November 2010

We are delighted to announce that Bob Wigley (www.bobwigley.co.uk) has joined the executive board of Altitude Medical. Bob is Chairman of Yell Group PLC, Expansys PLC, Stonehaven Search LLP investors and is a distinguished investor and entrepreneur. He was appointed as Ambassador for UK business by the Prime Minister in 2010. He is an investor in several technology, property, restaurant, medical equipment and band merchandise businesses and on the Advisory Board of the venture capital firm Bluegem LLP and is the European Financial Services 0perating partner of the venture capital firm Advent International. Bob has recently Chaired the Green Investment Bank Commission for George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Welcome, Bob!


Altitude Medical Closes Second Round of Venture Funding

September 2010

We are pleased to announce that the company has closed a second round of venture capital funding; the new financing will see us through to commercialisation of our first product - TurnClean - and development of our second.


The Sunday Telegraph: Bob Wigley opens doors for Altitude Medical

August 2009

The Daily Telegraph's Bright Ideas section has a story about Altitude Medical and our mentors and investors.


Altitude Medical Attract Venture Funding

June 2009

Altitude Medical was selected for venture funding by the Said Business School Venture Fund to develop TurnClean, a doorhandle that cleans your hands by dispensing hand sanitizer. The panel consisted of Sir Philip Green, David Bonderman and Sir John Hood.


Altitude Medical Win Idea Idol

June 2008

Altitude Medical won first prize at the Saïd Business School's Idea Idol Business Competition for their invention of TurnClean - a revolutionary door handle design which santizes your hands as you use it. At the same competition, we were also named the audience favourite. The panel of judges included Deborah Meaden of Dragon's Den fame. We then went on to take second prize in the UK-wide UUNI business competition.



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