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“ Health care workers’ failure to clean their hands is the most important cause of hospital-based infections, which are the fourth-leading cause of death in America and cost our health care system some $40 billion a year. ”

 Tina Rosenberg, New York Times


“ Our hospital's statistics show what studies everywhere else have shown -- that we doctors and nurses wash our hands one-third to one-half as often as we are supposed to. ”

 Atul Gawande




Breaking the HAI Status Quo

Altitude Medical was formed by medics, scientists, engineers and public health experts. We are frustrated at the lack of interest and innovation in fighting hospital acquired infections and are striving for a step change. However, experts on the topic have noted that it is difficult to change behavior. There is a stalemate between hospital administrators who try to push for adherence and staff who find it cumbersome to remember, and sometimes disruptive to normal workflow to find a filled dispenser.


PullClean Hand Sanitizing Door Handle

Our device offers a completely new way to clean hands. Everybody knows that door handles can pass on infections and many companies have tried to develop solutions to keep door handles clean, while hospitals have introduced expensive new automatic doors. Our products turn this thinking on its head. We see door handles as an opportunity to enhance hand cleanliness. PullClean was developed to be user-friendly and easy to fit. PullClean issues both alcohol-based and non-alcohol sanitizer gel and is refillable via a simple replaceable cartridge.

CountClean Monitoring System

Data collection regarding hand hygiene compliance from hand sanitizer dispensers is currently difficult, costly, and most often requires a human to physically monitor use of the device. Altitude Medical has developed CountClean technology which enables monitoring of hand hygiene compliance rates and collects useful data about hand hygiene at the door. The CountClean solution is simple, cost effective, and most important does not involve human oversight or interaction.


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